RV Living – The New American Dream

5th Wheel Tiny House

The Old American Dream for so many years entailed a nice size home, white picket fence, and a good-sized yard. We all strived for it and felt so accomplished once we took that first step into purchasing our first home. But then after a few years the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality would start to set in and our once extreme happiness and satisfaction with our first home purchase would be replaced with needing something bigger, more expensive, nicer neighborhood and a bigger yard. Especially if our peers were getting there before us.

Well, guess what? That whole idea has been shifting for years into something completely different and unique. The younger generation and even on the flip side of that, the retirement generation is moving into a new dream… RV Living, Tiny Homes, and Minimalism.

All the STUFF we once thought we needed has become secondary to the EXPERIENCES and FREEDOM we now value just a little bit more. And I don’t want to go on a COVID rant right now but 2020 has highlighted these ideals more than ever.

More people are working remotely than ever before and take one of the biggest financial hits that most of us have seen in our lifetime.

What if… we started to look at the American Dream in a new light… The one where you could buy an older renovated RV that actually felt like a home for a fraction of the cost of what that first home, second home, and even third home in life would have cost?

RV Living

Now you would own your new home outright or at least have it paid off far sooner than the 30-year mortgage concept. You could use that money you were saving to actually enjoy your life, travel more, connect to the outdoors more often and live a life that was on your terms. Does anybody notice how the word “Freedom” has become the biggest word in our vocabulary lately?

The extra kicker here would be that you now could take your home with you anywhere! New job in another city? Awesome, hitch up and take your home with you! No more having to sell or rent out your house and the headache of finding a new home in the next city. And the investment side of this purchase is something that many people haven’t been thinking about.

Hear me out for a minute… Let’s say you purchased a 2005-2010 completely renovated and remodeled RV, with an all-new interior and updated functional components such as new propane tanks, batteries, etc. Because of the age of the RV, it has already depreciated as much as it probably will and the supply and demand for renovated RVs are astronomical.

There are just not enough of them to accommodate the growing need, so you now have something that people want but can’t always find. Hello, good investment! If you ever decide RV Living isn’t for you anymore then BOOM sell it for almost exactly what you paid for it.

Renovated RV’s are basically like a savings account for your money that allows you to not pay high mortgage payments, less interest over time, and lower utility bills.

And that is why Renovated RV Living is becoming the New American Dream.

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