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If you own an RV that you’re interested in updating and renovating into a more unique, modern, and beautiful space, we got you! If you don’t have an RV yet but know what you are looking for we can help you find the exact one at a great price for us to design together. Our team will meet with you in our design studio, or virtually, to learn more about your “wish list” for your dream RV.

Once we understand your vision we will develop a plan for the project. Depending on the size and condition of your camper, the remodeling process generally takes 6-8 weeks and the budget for a complete renovation starts at $30,000 for RVs up to 30 feet. Plan on an additional $1000 per extra foot. (For example, If your RV is 32 feet then the budget for the renovation would be $32,000.) This will include demo, paint, flooring, accent walls, new countertops, new hardware for the cabinets, new sinks and faucets for the kitchen and bathroom, updated lighting, trim around the slide outs, backsplash, new window coverings, and light furnishings. We do have the ability to do custom shower designs, entertainment centers and other custom ideas for an additional cost.

In order to ensure we meet (and exceed) our goal to provide the highest quality in a timely manner, we only accept 10 clients per year to work with on complete renovations. If you are interested in reserving one of the remaining design and build spaces for the year please submit the design questionnaire below to tell us more about how we can help. We will reach out to you to answer any questions and talk in more detail about our design and build services.

If you would like to hire us for a la carte services please see our list of options that we can help you with under the a la carte services tab. We truly look forward to working with you and helping to create something extraordinary that truly represents who you are.

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