About Us

In a nutshell, through losing my job during COVID I found my passion and purpose in creating beautiful renovated RVs for people. I bought my first RV in June of 2019 and SPUD ( named because we bought her in Idaho ) became my flagship RV.

I had experienced through a home I purchased that the Property Brothers renovated on their show, that the “sharing” market was very powerful. So when we were not traveling with SPUD we would rent her out to others that wanted to create those memories and experiences with their own friends and families. Spud led to buying more RV’s for the Rental Fleet and creating an additional revenue stream while allowing her to share what she had with others.

The Renovation side of the business did not come until March of 2020 when, as we all know, sh!t hit the fan and the world as we knew it changed. I was marketing for a construction company that furloughed me almost immediately. Change had never been something that scared me but I definitely needed to figure out what to do next. I had been obsessed with the Tiny Home movement for years and came across a renovated RV in Louisiana that had the vibe and feel of a tiny home. I was instantly in love. So much so that on a trip to North Carolina to buy some land I decided to cancel the flight home and take a little road trip down to Louisiana to take a look at this renovated RV. I won’t go through all the details of this trip because it could definitely have fallen into the category of a total disaster but I somehow managed to come out on top of it. I rented a car until about Alabama where I decided to buy a truck that could tow this newly renovated RV that I was sure I was going to adore. I took my new truck down to Louisiana and picked up what I named “Lulu” after my oldest dog. Lulu became the catalyst for the renovation side of the business. I saw what they had done and knew we could do even better. It started with one 5th wheel that I partnered up with another couple on and quickly turned into a full-time business.

Through this process of growing my newfound business and really finding my passion, I was able to grow a team of our friends that have now become our Free Bird family. I quickly outgrew my house as RVs were taking over my neighborhood and although my neighbors were exceptionally cool about it, I knew I needed a bigger space and FAST. I decided to really commit to what I was doing and rented out my house and bought a new one with a bigger lot that could accommodate all 14 of our new RVs. We cutely named our new headquarters “The Nest.” Get it, Nest for the Free Bird. HAHAHA.

We truly are just a team of people who love what we do and want to give the absolute best to our clients. Whether you are renting for the week, buying something that you can travel or live in or hiring us to completely remodel your own personal RV, we care about making you happy and giving you the best experience that we possibly can.