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Feeling the need to get outdoors and make some memories? Our Fleet has something for everyone based on RV size, your experience level and where you will be adventuring off to. We pride ourselves in making sure you have everything you need for your trip and follow strict COVID sanitation guidelines to keep you safe.

RV’s for Sale

My absolute passion and obsession is turning outdated or cookie-cutter RVs into beautiful tiny homes. Whether your intent is to live in your RV, travel, and adventure in it or to buy it as an investment, we have something you will LOVE or will create something completely custom for you.

Renovation Services

Do you already have an RV that needs a bit of a facelift or want to work with me to find you something that fits all your criteria? Well, let’s do it! Turning your RV into a completely customized home is really freaking fun. You can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you want to be but we work our butts off to create something that feels like YOURS.

Our Philosophy

Welcome to Free Bird RVs.  Our whole business was created with one simple idea that we wanted to help others make incredible memories with their loved ones and provide a way to create new and exciting experiences and adventures. In our own lives we strive to follow joy, be grateful every day and live a life that is free. That is where the name of our company came from, with a little tattoo on my arm that said “free” with a little bird flying over it!

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